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About Pastors Lonnie and Colleen Hardy

With a driving passion for Godly intimacy, Lonnie and Colleen Hardy have carved a path through traditional religious thinking for over 25 years. They have done this without compromising God’s word, or a concern for the lost. 

Their anointed ministry was forged in cold hospitals, damp prisons, and musty nursing homes. It has come to life on concert stages, church sanctuaries, counseling rooms, and dark alleyways. If you can’t find them in the pulpit...  Learn more


Hands Up: (Upward) Worship/Giving God our all
Hands Open: (Inward) Discipleship/Growing up spiritually
Hands Out: (Outward) Outreach/Reaching out to help someone else

  Our Purpose:
  • To introduce those who desire to know God in an intimate and deep relationship with Him through heartfelt worship, sound biblical preaching, and education.
  • Secondly, to build a community of such believers who model the teachings of Jesus. Namely love God…Love people!  Learn More